Both the owner and employees of MiraMold, LLC. are dedicated to environmental issues and concerns dealing with air and water quality.

The owner has worked for Argonne National Laboratory, doing research to find safer CFC alternatives. Before that, she worked for an air and water testing company in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency. She has a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Environmental Toxicology. Both the owner and employees have building design, civil engineering, water damage assessment and plumbing experience, which are extremely helpful when considering all the factors that can cause a potential mold contamination problem, water damage issue or even a VOC build-up.

Our highly specialized teams of inspectors are both Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Environmental Hygienists from the Schatz University of Toxic Mold Inspection. Schatz is owned and operated in the state of Washington and this institution has had more than a decade of experience in the industry of building construction, home inspection, pest inspection, mold inspection, mold abatement and remediation. Schatz is nationally certified through the Certified Mold Inspectors and Contractors Institute as Environmental Hygienists, Property Mold Specialists, as well as Certified in Remediation. All of our inspectors have also attended seminars, which were conducted by some of the nation's leading microbiology facilities. Among other things, these seminars focused on state-of-the-art instrumentation training.

Furthermore, MiraMold Inspectors have obtained the highest accreditation with The American Industrial Hygiene Association. "(F) Full—Anyone who is a graduate of an accredited institution of higher education who holds a baccalaureate degree in industrial hygiene, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, or other discipline approved by written Board policy, who has been engaged a majority of time for at least three years in industrial hygiene or occupational and environmental health and safety activities."

MiraMold strictly adheres to the standards outlined in the teachings of the aforementioned organizations, and practices strict moral, ethical and professional principles in every practice.

Because of the combine talents of our employees, MiraMold, has a superior team which can help you, your family and company with: Water Damage Assessment, Mold/fungi testing and analysis and VOC sampling.