MiraMold's water damage assessment instrumentation utilizes some of the newest technology available today!

Our meter operates on the principle of electrical impedance measurement to give accurate, non-destructive moisture measurements, with automatic correction for density and temperature.

We can measure the relative conditions of moisture in most all types of building materials. It works not just on top of these materials but also up to an inch into drywall, brick, wood and underneath linoleum. Linoleum tends to be a big culprit in hiding water damage due to the fact that it acts as a great vapor barrier to moisture from leaking refrigerators, toilets, sinks or dishwashers. This instrument is especially useful for testing unseen problem areas that we frequently encounter water intrusion like bathroom walls, floors, the ceilings underneath bathrooms, foundation walls, kitchens, around windows and doors, as well as many other location.

The water intrusion found during our water damage assessment is not only a valuable means of solving potential seen or unseen mold problems, but many clients are then grateful to also know about these sometimes hidden leaks and tend to remedy them before they turn into even bigger issues. Stopping an ongoing water leak in a building can save thousands in potential mold remediation costs.

Additionally, our Hygro-Thermometer+InfraRed Thermometer (with laser pointer) is another useful tool that can monitor relative humidity and temperature in homes and offices with tall ceilings and other hard to reach, non-contact locations (such as heating and air conditioning ducts). This instrument provides very accurate measurements, enabling us to help locate the source of any potential problem.